Friesland intensifies cooperation with Chengdu and Heilongjiang

March 12, 2019

Because the basis for international trade is a good relationship, regular trade missions are valuable. In July 2018, Frisian vice governor Klaas Kielstra visited the Chinese provinces of Chengdu and Heilongjiang. He met with several local representatives to strengthen the bonds and stimulate further cooperation.

Matchmaking between Friesland and China

Friesland is renowned for its agricultural exports. Especially the province’s dairy and seed products are known around the world. Other strong sectors are water technology and circular economy. In these fields, Frisian companies are leading the way with innovative technologies and research.

Chinese companies could benefit greatly from Frisian innovations. A main goal of vice governor Kielstra’s visit was to discuss the wishes and needs of Chengdu and Heilongjiang in more detail. This way, the Chinese parties can be matched with Frisian partners that have the required expertise.

Dairy production and seed potatoes proved popular topics, as well as water treatment and tourism. Bringing Chinese and Frisian companies together to work on these themes, offers both countries great opportunities.

Promising results for the future

The trade mission to Chengdu and Heilongjiang yielded exciting results. For example:

  • WTC Harbin has offered 500m2 of exhibition space to promote Friesland and its companies. The Province of Friesland has gladly accepted this generous offer.
  • The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Province of Friesland are planning to sign a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • The Province of Friesland was asked to search for companies to participate in the establishment of two cheese factories, a biscuit factory and a greenhouse.

In June 2019, vice governor Kielstra is bringing a delegation of Frisian companies on a new trade mission to Chengdu and Heilongjiang.