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Friesland is home to about 100 horse farms that breed and train top-class horses. Many of these farms are family businesses, built on strong traditions and extensive experience. The region also offers various educational programmes, further ensuring the horses are cared for by well-trained professionals. Industry associations such as LTO Horse Farming focus on the sustainable development of the sector.

The horse farms can facilitate the export process from arranging the necessary documentation, inspection and quarantine to the actual transport. Whether you are interested in dressage, jumping, or carriage horses, Friesland’s equine sector can deliver. From foals to expertly trained champions.

In addition to renowned breeds like KWPN (Royal Dutch Sport Horses), of course Friesland is the place to buy the famous Friesian horses.


Friesian horses

The Friesian horse dates back to the 13th century. The majestic breed is known for its jet-black coat, lustrous mane and feathering of the lower legs, and its graceful elevated trot. This makes Friesian horses especially suitable for dressage and carriage driving, both recreational and competitive. With their gentle temperament, impressive athleticism and formidable appearance, they are a joy to work with.

There are currently around 70,000 Friesian horses registered with the Royal Friesian Horses Studbook (KFPS). The breed is exported to about 70 countries, including China. The annual stud inspection in Leeuwarden is the perfect occasion to admire Friesian horses in action and do business.

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