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Friesland and water are inextricably linked. Not only is Friesland the water province of the Netherlands due to its many lakes and waterways, it has now become the leading region for water technology as well.

The Dutch water technology industry focuses on 3 key areas of innovation:

  • Resource Efficiency – using natural resources more efficiently through closed circuits, creating a more circular economy
  • Smart Water Services – deploying a wide range of sensors and models for an optimal use of water (purification) technology
  • Sustainable Cities – designing cities with minimal impact on the environment, by reusing water and waste materials, using limited resources for food supply and using sustainable energy

Around a third of Dutch water technology exports is realised by companies in the Northern Netherlands, most of which are located in Friesland. The Frisian sustainable water technology sector is mainly based in the capital of Leeuwarden. This city is home to one of the world’s leading water technological research institutes, Wetsus, as well as the CEW Centre of Expertise Water Technology, the WAC Water Application Centre and Europe’s most advanced drinking water laboratory (Vitens, drinking water utility).

Leeuwarden also houses the Water Alliance, a unique partnership of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology in the Netherlands. This partnership brings together a complete chain of innovation, from first idea and research & development, to international applications with commercial companies. The goal is for the Netherlands to become the European Water Technology Hub, with Friesland as the physical centre.

During last year’s European Water Technology Week in Leeuwarden, the Water Alliance took the initiative to set up a cooperation between 6 international Water Hubs. This new Global Water Tech Hub Alliance includes Leeuwarden’s WaterCampus and leading hubs from Israel, Singapore, USA, South Korea and China.

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