Frisian trade mission to China, June 2019

Trade mission June 2019: a success for Frisian and Chinese businesses

July 12, 2019

One could say that for this particular trade mission the province led the way and opened doors for Frisian corporations to trade with Chinese organizations. For nine days, from the 15th until the 23rd of June, 10 businesses got an introduction on doing business in and with China. 

The Dutch province Friesland is sharing a bond of friendship with the Chinese regions Chengdu and Harbin for over a decade. As both Dutch and Chinese regions have lots to other to each the objective of the trade mission was to facilitate companies and entrepreneurs to find their way to the Chines market and to do business.

Participants of the June 2019 trade mission were: Hellema Hallum (branded cookies), Van Hall Larenstein (University of Applied Sciences), Thialf (ice arena), QSHS (quality sport horses), Fries Museum (museum), CRV (herd improvement), Water Alliance (Dutch water technology), Woodpacker (wood packaging), WTC Leeuwarden (World Trade Centre) and IWCN (centre for internationals living in the North).

China has a powerful economy and is developing very fast. This generates a more demanding population. Rising consumption of dairy, environmental problems and more money for traveling abroad and tourism. All these developments create chances for Chinese and Frisian companies start working together and trade with each other. Goals for the participating organizations were business matchmaking, cooperation on specialties, knowledge exchange and training. After many handshakes, meetings and conversations we are able to look back on a well succeeded trade mission with lots of openings for fruitful collaborations and partnerships.

Currently the next trade mission to China is planned February 2020.

[Download: brochure trade mission, June 2019]

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